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2021 Precognition

Twenty-twenty-one approaches. Days away, it offers the hope of a New Year. Covid has kicked the ass of modern civilization and humanity struggles onward in the throes and passions of the day. I did not enjoy twenty-twenty. It was a rough ride. However that doesn’t mean that I do not intend to saddle-up for twenty-twenty-one.

Perfection has always eluded me. I am sure that it has eluded just about everyone, especially this year, with all of the many surprises of twenty-twenty. Normally, as I approach a New Year, I like to sit down and create a list of gratitude for the year past. Normally, this helps me prioritize the next year’s overarching theme and goals and projects and hopes and targets and dreams. This year, though, I am so happy to still be moving forward from twenty-twenty that I really do not need a list of gratitude to help propel my thinking. I am thankful for the social contacts of my friends and family. Thankful for the telephone and webcams. Thankful that none of my closest friends and family have fallen to the virus.

No. This year, twenty-twenty-one, approaching in six days, I look at you and know that I am going to play the game differently. Nothing gets taken for granted: exercise, health, wealth, wisdom, learning, and joy… they will all be in my saddlebag as I ride twenty-twenty-one through my fifty-first birthday in May.

So let’s plan the shape of the year:

  • Consistent daily exercise.
  • Writing for the Runelands project with my colleagues.
  • Writing a Traveller5 scenario for personal enjoyment.
  • Writing a draft of a modern fantasy novel that has been on my mind throughout twenty-twenty.
  • Japanese language learning: time to rebuild my language skills.
  • Chess study. I am going to develop some game with the chess board.

GONE are the meter-sticks I typically use: no book counts, page counts, word counts (other than to count the words), time-on-task. It is going to be a habit-building year. This year there will be no demand to read books. There will be no demands other than daily practices of sitting down to do the work. The target has become a daisy chain of effort and gentle continuance.

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