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Word-doodle of the day

My skin rent and flayed from self-inflicted surgeries meant to strengthen the soul and spirit while destroying the vessel. I had fasted for 162 days. I maintained chastity of body and soul. I did nothing in that time but suffer with dignity the rending of my flesh and bone with my ritual knife, chisel, and hammer. I carved the Gromoviti znaci into my bones. These Slavic runes called upon the old gods of these lands to give me strength. Then, healed from those many wounds, I made pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On the Temple Mount, in seven days of terror and pain, I confronted my own demons and inscribed the gateway ruins. The first night, I passed through the Holy Gate and began the chant. For the next seven days, I repeated nothing but the tetragrammaton, invoking faith, power, and reinforcing my belief in my own words as power. I I inscribed the binding of Isaac upon my femurs beneath the Dome of the Chain. I inscribed the binding of Samson upon my humerus bones beneath the Farthest Mosque. Finally, three days and three nights beneath the Dome of the Rock. First, I engaged in penance for my sins, my hubris, and my pride. In the final hour before dawn on the third night, the entity I sought found me and I inscribed the name of the unholy creature we sought to destroy. Then weeks of healing to my rent physical frame, we passed North to this battleground. North to the pressures of the war. The manoeuvre was complete and now the demon tore at me.

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